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Comprehensive Stage Production and Set Fabrication Services

At Apsogi, we offer a full spectrum of services tailored to meet the unique needs of the entertainment and event industries. Our expert team is dedicated to transforming your creative visions into stunning realities, ensuring every project is executed with precision and professionalism. Our core services include:

Stage Production

Concept Development:
  • Collaborate with clients to understand their vision, objectives, and budget.
  • Develop detailed concepts and proposals that align with the project's goals.

Project Management:
  • Oversee the entire production process from inception to completion.
  • Ensure timelines and budgets are strictly adhered to, delivering projects on schedule.

Technical Direction:
  • Provide technical expertise and solutions for lighting, sound, and special effects.
  • Coordinate with technical crews to ensure seamless integration of all production elements.
Set Fabrication

Custom Set Design:
  • Create innovative and visually striking set designs tailored to the specific needs of each production.
  • Utilize the latest design software to produce detailed renderings and blueprints.

Construction and Assembly:
  • Fabricate sets using high-quality materials to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Assemble and install sets on-site, ensuring they meet safety standards and client specifications.

Scenic Painting and Detailing:
  • Provide expert scenic painting services to bring sets to life with vibrant colors and textures.
  • Add intricate details and finishes to enhance the overall visual impact.

Design Services

Creative Consultation:
  • Offer professional advice and ideas to enhance the overall design and concept.
  • Work closely with clients to refine and perfect their vision.

3D Modeling and Rendering:
  • Utilize advanced 3D modeling tools to create realistic renderings of set designs.
  • Provide clients with detailed visual previews before construction begins.

Graphic and Visual Design:
  • Design custom graphics, backdrops, and visual elements to complement the set design.
  • Ensure all visual components are cohesive and align with the production's theme.

Installation Services

On-Site Installation:
  • Handle the complete installation process, from transportation to final setup.
  • Ensure all components are securely installed and meet safety regulations.

Rigging and Staging:
  • Provide professional rigging services for complex set pieces and staging elements.
  • Ensure all rigging is executed safely and efficiently.

Maintenance and Support:
  • Offer ongoing maintenance and support throughout the production's run.
  • Provide quick and effective solutions to any issues that may arise.

Additional Services

Special Effects and Automation:
  • Design and implement special effects and automation systems to enhance the production.
  • Ensure all effects are integrated seamlessly and operated safely.

Rental Services:
  • Offer a wide range of rental equipment, including lighting, sound systems, and stage elements.
  • Provide delivery, setup, and teardown services for all rental equipment.

Event Management:
  • Provide comprehensive event management services, including logi
  • stics, coordination, and execution.
  • Ensure every aspect of the event runs smoothly and successfully.
  • Creative & spacial strategies
  • Design & planning
  • Set & scenery construction
  • Architectural & scenic fabrication
  • Advanced 3D printing capabilities
  • CNC machine routing & bending
  • 3D experiential design
  • Welding & millwork
  • Props & practical effects
  • Graphic design & signage
  • Graphic production services
  • Interactive displays, lighting, &  AV systems
  • Custom finishing solutions
  • Brand activations
  • Environments & retail stores
  • Trade shows & events
  • Full-service Miami-based facility
  • Local project management
  • Extensive partner network
  • Comprehensive inventory management
  • Efficient delivery & install strategies
  • Local warehousing/storing & removal solutions
  • Fabrication & logistics

  • At  Apsogi, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, creativity, and client satisfaction. Whether you're planning a theatrical production, a corporate event, or a live performance, our team is here to make your vision a reality. Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how we can bring your stage production to life.