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Apsogi LLC is the premier contracting company for those living in and around the Greater Miami area of Florida. We focus on providing quality work, timely completion, and effective communication during every job. Our services range from general contracting to custom designing, plumbing, remodeling projects, and more. View our complete list of services, and feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation.

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Apsogi Llc Client Provided (108)

General Contracting & Construction Management

At Apsogi LLC, we offer comprehensive general contracting and construction management services. When it comes to project planning and scheduling, budgeting and oversight, material ordering, and other services, leave it to us.

Landscaping &

With landscaping and hardscaping, we can install decks, patios, walkways, walls, fences, planters, and ponds, in addition to installing and maintaining plants, trees, flowers, and shrubs!

Residential & Commercial Construction

We provide comprehensive services for all residential and commercial construction projects. Our services include full-scale design, budgeting, cost estimates, and more. Call us today for more information on your residential or commercial construction project.

Design-Build Services

Our contractors provide integrated design and construction services, offering an efficient and cost-effective approach for fast-track projects. Design-build services include consultation for conceptual designs, plans, and engineering specifications.

Site Preparation & Excavation

Our contractors provide a range of site preparation and excavation services, including clearing, grading, hauling, and disposal of materials; soil compaction; land leveling; drainage system installation; erosion control; wastewater systems; and road building.

Concrete & Foundation Work

With this service, we offer concrete and foundation work services that involve pouring and finishing concrete, forming and rebar placement, waterproofing, anchoring and bracing, and excavation and foundation repairs.

Framing & Carpentry

Looking to rebuild from the ground up? We provide framing and carpentry services, such as installing the framework for walls, ceilings, and roofs in a timely manner to meet our clients' requests.

HVAC & Mechanical Systems

Do you need professional maintenance for your HVAC and mechanical systems? Our contractors can install, repair and maintain air conditioning, heating and ventilation, refrigeration, gas systems, and different mechanical equipment.

Interior & Exterior Finishing

Enhance your building’s framing structure and aesthetic qualities by scheduling this service. The contractors at Apsogi LLC are well-versed in painting, staining, wallpapering, faux finishes, and other application designs for interior and exterior areas.

Plumbing & Electrical Installation

Our contractors provide plumbing installation services that can repair and install pipes and valves, troubleshoot plumbing systems, as well as maintain lines, water heaters, fixtures, and other professional-grade applications. Our electrical installations include the wiring and testing of electrical systems, lighting, outlets, switches, and breaker boxes, in addition to calibrating electrical circuits and relays.

New Construction & Remodeling

We specialize in new construction and remodeling services for residential and commercial buildings. Our services include design consulting, construction drawings, bid documents, construction scheduling, quality control, budget management, and post-construction services.

CNC Cutting

Whether you’re processing fiberglass, wood, metal, brass, or a different material, our large CNC router machine will craft your design with ease. The 6x12 CNC router is the perfect choice for business industries where precision and ease of operation are a necessity to keep up with demand and maintain high production capacity. For more information on our machine or what materials can be processed, watch this video here on YouTube.

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